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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Leah's Quilt

Fourteen months ago, JW's girlfriend, Leah Ward was taken from this earth in an unfortunate car accident. Although we miss Leah greatly and her death was so tragic at the time, we know that she is spending her boundless time in a mansion built just for her in heaven.
Wanting to make things just a little easier for Leah's mom, JW decided he would make a quilt out of Leah's t-shirts. This was a big undertaking, especially for a 19 year old who had barely cut a piece of fabric, much less any other kind of sewing.
JW enlisted the help of his brave grandma, who also had never really made a whole quilt from start to finish and his great Aunt Sande who was proficient in quilt making. They put the top together and then it was time for JW to quilt it.
JW brought it home and I couldn't wait to see it. He unfolded it and as he spread it out on the floor, my reaction suprised me; I began to cry. You see, I saw Leah in those shirts. It was as if she had somehow come to life in front of me making me realize how much I really missed her but had been too busy to let her memory and the pain of losing her, hang in the front of my mind.
With a needle and thread JW spent hours quilting.....all by himself. I offered to help, but he said he wanted to do it himself....reminiscent of a cute, blonde two year old from 17 years earlier.
It was finally time to put a back on the quilt and finish it up. He took it to a neighbor and she put the finishing touches on Leah's Quilt.
JW gave the quilt to Leah's mom last night and she was thrilled to say the least. I can't even imagine losing any one of my children. It has crossed my mind and the thought of losing them is just too painful to linger on. My hope is that this quilt made of Leah's clothes will not only provide warmth and comfort to her mom but cover her in a sustaining hope of seeing Leah one day and never having to say goodbye again.