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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Prom Time!

Last Saturday evening, JW took off in my dad's truck and picked up Leah for the prom.  JW is not a conventional prom goer.  He picked out his own tux, no help from no one, he didn't want to eat with all the other people, (they went to her prom, a different school,) he wanted to eat alone. And they didn't spend big bucks at a fancy restaurant, instead they went to Culvers.  Yes, that's right, the home of the butter burger.  I didn't not teach him to be so unconventional, he got it all from his father. 

So when I went to Leah's home to take pictures of the prom couple, he was goofing off and making faces and she was trying to get him to behave.  I was standing a little ways away, but with my zoom lens, I was able to capture the moment.  You know, when he was putting up the peace sign and then she was asking him, gently to put it down and then had to take his hand and push it down. 

But of course, that didn't stop the strong-willed JW.  He snuck his peace sign in, unbeknownst to Leah.  He's 18 but reminds me of when he was 3!
Posted by PicasaAnd then I finally got some nice pictures.  They had a great time proming it up! Leah said she it was the best prom night ever.  She is a sweetie to say the least!