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Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Cold!

Good afternoon from a cold, windy Knolltop. 

Let me get this off my chest first; it's cold outside and I don't like it. I belong in the south. Actually, I think I was mis-born.  I should have been born in the south where you stay warm all the time and in the heat of the day you sit on the wrap around porch sipping iced tea or a Coke with the gentle breeze blowing, listening to the heat permeate the world around you feeling the humidity creep down your neck and trickle down your spine.

I know, that was way back before air conditioning.  Now everyone sits in the house and doesn't go out until late at night when it cools off.  Nonetheless, I think my parents were supposed to be living down in Dixie but defiantly they chose to live in Michigan instead and have sentenced me to a life of bone chilling winters!  How's that for blaming my parents for the weather?  HA!  Just joking mom!  Please don't send my Christmas slippers back!!!!!

Here on the Knolltop, we are busy getting the barn ready for winter.  All the dry cows and heifers are now tied in the comfort stalls to keep the barn warm.  We have a bunch of dry cows that are due over the next few months.  I like looking at the heifers in the barn, to watch them grow and develop, up close and personal.  Usually they are put out in the steer barn for the winter and I only see them when they come up to eat the leftover cow feed in the bunk.  But now they are inside where I can keep track of their growth!

We got our Christmas ham delivered yesterday.  Some friends from Oklahoma generously sent us a ham for Christmas!  Although Robert continually takes jabs at the Big 10 and the lack of a football power, I listen to the poor, misguided soul.  Hey, I figure when you're from Oklahoma, you need all the friends you can get! JOKE!  Please, don't stop sending my heavenly ham!

Okay, now that I've offended two people, I'd better get off this computer and finish putting getting supper ready!  Have a great day!

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PryorVu said...

Are you sure it is cold or is it just that you haven't found your long underwear. You make no mention of any snow. Here at the PryorVu we have had at least eighteen inches so far. It all has been neatly rearranged in patterns of drifts depending on the direction of the wind. Second snowiest Nov on record. Forecast for more snow tonight and tomorrow. Hope the weather will help you find your joyous Christmas spirit. May God Bless.