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Friday, February 10, 2012

God Shares His Word in the Car!

I've been wanting to write this for two weeks but haven't had the time to put it down in words. I really don't have the time now, but the house is quiet and I want to write!

JW left early that morning for his MMA fight in Taylor. JW, Luke and I prayed together for God's protection before he walked out the door and I continued to pray all day long. While I don't pretend to know God's path for JW and his desire to pursue MMA fighting, I did see Him at work on that Saturday in January.

I was enjoying a cup of coffee that afternoon before leaving for the fight when a text came was JW.  He asked if someone could read the story of David and Goliath from the Bible to him.  Overjoyed at the fact that my son wanted to hear scripture....I said, SURE! 

With Bible in hand, I loaded up three teenagers and we headed to the fight. About half way there, JW called and said, "Ok, can someone read it to me now?" Because I was driving and I didn't feel the need to die, I handed the phone and the Bible to Luke and said, " 1 Samuel chapter 17 to JW."

Luke being the middle child never balked or questioned, he just started reading about a little shepherd boy taking five smooth stones and a sling shot and with his faith placed in God, he killed the giant. He read the entire chapter to JW over the speaker phone. And when he was done, they said, 'goodbye' and hung up. That may seem silly to some and not a big deal to others.  I mean, it makes sense, right? If you're in a fight and you need a courage transplant, what better story to read than David and Goliath, right?

God knew JW needed to hear it but God also had more than JW in mind when His word was being spoken out loud in a car filled with three teenagers, two of whom didn't grow up in the church.

For those few minutes, the Truth was being heard by tender hearts.  Some seeds were planted, other seeds were watered and still other root systems were being strengthened. Never in a million years could I have written than scene or predicted that instance. God promises that His word does not return void. This was orchestrated by Him, for Him and through Him and He will use it in the lives of those who heard it.

God is in constant pursuit of each one of us. He loves us enough to tear down every obstacle to get to our hearts.  That's just who God is and I can't wait to see what He does next!

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goatmilker said...

How neat! Thanks for sharing Rebekah