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Friday, October 9, 2015

Harvest Season Rolls On

It’s an October morning and harvest continues to roll on throughout the country.  I’ve seen reports of happy farmers finishing beans and moving on to corn. I’ve seen reports of neighboring farmers harvesting 450 acres of corn for their cancer-stricken neighboring farmer and last night lying in bed, I received a text from my son who was still in the field harvesting beans well after dark.

It’s that time of year when passion and tenacity are at their highest and work ethics are driving men and women to stay in the field until the job is done.  Combines hardly get a chance to cool down, grain trucks comb the roads and full fields begin to take on their flat, brown wardrobe of winter.

It’s time to fill up the bins, to convert feed to food and feed the world.  Farmers will trade in their sit down dinners at noon with family for solo sandwiches on the tailgate. They will swap time spent in the bleachers for time in the tractor cab. They will stay up late, rise up early, tread through the day surviving the lulls on cokes and coffee. Repairs will plague them, weather will haunt them and grain prices will lure them.

When the job is done, satisfaction will reign and families will reunite around the table with talk about plans for next spring. Equipment will be inspected, purchases will be pondered and spousal dust-ups are inevitable.

It’s harvest season. Be safe. Hug one another. Bless each other with a kind word. Never leave without an “I love You” lingering in the air, because you just never know…..

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