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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bright and Sunny Tuesday!

Good Sunny morning from the knolltop! What a beautiful sunrise and now a shining morning!

Everyone is back to healthy in the house now. Sarah went back to school! It's amazing what a little rest will do for a body.

I lost a calf this morning! When I went out to feed the calves their milk, she was gone! Because she is mostly black, I didn't see her standing outside in the springer pen in the dark. When she heard the clank of the buckets she realized she had better get back home for breakfast! I was able to feed here in that pen, but I will have to wrangle her back home this morning when we bed the barn and clean gutters.

I received a "Save the date" magnet in the mail the other seems TWO of my nephews have decided to make my sister crazy by both getting married within 3 months! John will get married in March and Tim is getting married in June! My poor, poor, poor sister. It's a good thing she had all boys....can you imagine if she had two daughters getting married????

It makes my head spin.....


The Myers Family said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa, she has boys, its a piece of cake, all she has to do is show up. We had the same thing, but a boy and girl, she will be busy with showers though! Enjoy, time flies. ph

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