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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Art of Tieing

Good Morning from a much milder Knolltop! It's 35 out this morning! It smells like spring and definitely gives me a spring in my step today.
Yesterday Luke had a game in Bellevue and the team decided to dress up. Jake being the manager decided to dress up as well....he loves to copy his big brother. So I thought I would capture the boys in ties, who knows how long this urge to look nice will last.

I have to hand it to Luke, he is good at tieing a tie. He's quick and smooth. Jake hasn't mastered it yet and he came to me the night before asking if I would tie his tie. I looked at him and said, "I can't tie a tie, you'll have to ask Daddy or one of the boys." They were busy so a disgruntled Jake sat and tried to master the art of tieing a tie. Watching him in frustration, Sarah piped up and said, "Jake, give it to me, I'll do it." When she got done I asked how she knew how to tie a tie? She said she learned it from watching her big brothers do it over and over again. And then she reminded me that it wasn't that hard of a thing to master. Of course I disagree.

Luke started again last night and had quite a few points and they almost beat Bellevue but fell short. What a bummer.

Now I've got to make a few phone calls and write another column!

Okay, as I did spell check it highlighted "tieing" and it doesn't have an alternative spelling for it, isn't that a word? Am I making it up? OH my heaven's some one please come to my rescue!
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Anonymous said...

OK Melissa, I just looked up the word in the dictionary and it says that the correct spelling is "tying". Your brother called while I was writing this and he says that he doesn't believe it!! He still thinks you spelled it right! He'll have to take that up with Funk and Wagnalls. Now my computer has underlined Wagnalls but that is the way it is spelled right on the book! talk to you later. mom

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

OH good Mom!...guess I could've done the same thing...just didn't want to take the time! Tying looks much better than tieing...and makes more sense. I guess Rex and I both learned a lesson in "tying" today!

Russell G Gammon said...

Having met both parents it is my thoughtful observation that Luke has inherited his "bigger hair" from "the maternal side of his extended pedigree" as we cow folks would say!

The Myers Family said...

Love the hair comment made me ROFL!!

Anonymous said...