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Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow

Good afternoon from a snowy Knolltop! It snowed at least 5 inches since yesterday! The kids went to bed thinking there would be no school today but a 7 am, I delivered the unwelcomed news hearing groans of "NO!!!" right back at me.

The snow has quit now and it's a pretty sunny winter day. Apparently we are in for some cold weather this weekend, stuff the plains states have been dealing with all week.

A buddy from Oklahoma, Robert Yeoman likes to send me his daily weather report. His weather sounds like Michigan. Yesterday morning he had 11 degrees and 30 mph wind. Yesterday afternoon he texted 25, sunny and still. I had visions of Oklahoma being warm and sunny this time of year, guess my visions were only dreams!

Our Hillsdale County DHIA banquet is this weekend, that's always a nice dinner out with friends from around the county. And great door prizes. Honestly, it's the unending ice cream sundae bar and door prizes that keep me coming back every year!

Timer's going granola is done!


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