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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Gets Too Busy

Needless to say it's a busy place around the Knolltop with beautiful weather now hanging on for about three weeks.  I've gotten zilch done because this is the first week I've been home or without some major event happening in three weeks.

First I went to Harrisburg, PA for the All American Dairy Show with Danielle Nauman and had a great, but quick time.  We drove all night, not recommended for two middle aged women, got to the show and began our show coverage which didn't quit until we left after the show. 

Then we had two days to get ready for the county fair. This wasn't too bad since the kids are older and I've limited how many projects they take.  Plus the kids can take care of the cattle without me, which is sooooo nice. 

Then I left the next week for World Dairy Expo.  I had a great time there too, but I think I'm too old for this kind of schedule.  I feel like I'm still recovering.

I drove all night from Madison to get home at 5 am Friday morning.  I had a two hour nap and then had to get on with the preparation for Homecoming!  Luke and Jesse were on the court and it was a great evening...well except the loss to Pittsford...that really stunk. 

Now I'm playing catch up with the laundry and the house.  This morning I came in from the barn and Luke had something in the dryer.  I asked him what he was washing, he said underwear.  Uh oh, it was time for me to get on the laundry. Not that the kids doing their laundry is a bad thing, it's very good, but I like to do it myself so they don't have to fret about if they have clean underwear.  It just me, I guess.
Since blogger isn't all that user friendly with pictures, I will post all the pictures here now. Ever since I started working for Dairy Agenda Today I've discovered the good and bad about blogger. And the picture posting isn't so good.

Luke helped Jesse out of the car but very carefully.  Jesse hit a deer that morning on her way to school and her wrist was swollen and sore.  She's okay, no broken bones, just very sore..thank God!

Kaitlyn Smith and Brad VanCamp walked together with their parents and our dear friends Gary and Sue VanCamp(on the right)

We walked across the field.  When I was in high school we didn't have our parents with us. This was cool! From the left: Bion and Shelly Lynch with Jesse and then Luke and me and Bobby(just a little ID for those who don't know.)

Brad and Kaitlyn won.  They are Luke and Jesse's best friends so all of us were happy for them!
But you know me, these are the two this mom would have voted for!
The had a great time at the dance, but I swear, by the way he was sweating, Luke looked like he took his football uniform off and slapped on his dress clothes.  He assured me he took a shower.
Lukie loves dancing, he's such a nut!

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