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Monday, October 31, 2011

Taking the Baby out of the Boy

The baby of the family has a lot of advantages but on the farm, if the baby is a boy this can work to his disadvantage, especially if he likes to run equipment but has older brothers who never vacate the tractor seat long enough for the youngest to get a chance to do anything.

Luke and JW have their strengths when it comes to the farm scene.  JW is good with the cows and seems to enjoy working with them while Luke is the tractor man. He would rather load, unload, drive or wrench on anything that moves on wheels.

Jake on the other hand would love to drive stuff, but gets the leftovers of the farm.  He does everything from mowing the lawn to folding the laundry.  His duties range from feeding calves and helping mix feed to making hot chocolate and keeping us from ever hearing silence. But yesterday he got a chance to be pure farmboy.

While normally on a Sunday everyone does what they want....anything but work, the neighbor had a different plan in mind which included hauling manure.  He needed some help and the only two boys available were Luke and Jake.  (Sarah hates things that move on wheels)

While Bobby and I were taking our Sunday afternoon nap, little did we know the baby would be out hauling manure. In his glory, he got to drive up and down the road and through the fields, just like the big boys. Seriously, it was high time this kid got to haul manure. He's 14 for heaven's sake! It was way passed time. When he came in for Sunday dinner he was dirty, stinky and had a smile a mile wide and he looked about 10 feet tall. His confidence was stronger and he even sounded grown up.

It's amazing a little responsibility can take the baby right out of the boy!


Jent said...

So excited to find your blog - just opened the mail here and my Mom had cut out and mailed me your article from Farm World "Never forget all you really do for everyone on a farm" - it made me cry, I really needed that tonight and it was perfect, like you wrote it for me! Thank You!
If your interested I blog about our farm and life at and some of the entries over the past month will give you some idea of why I need your "pep" talk article!
Can't wait to read more of your blog when I get time!

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

Hey glad to hear you were encouraged! We all need a courage transplant once in awhile. I'll head over to your blog and check it out!