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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Football Catering

Good Morning from a cool and cloudy Knolltop! I thought the sun was going to shine, but it hasn't yet! Yesterday was absolutely beautiful!

Sarah's team remains undefeated beating Camden last night. Tonight they have their last game of the season, I hope they win. Unfortunately I won't be there to watch. Luke has a game at 4:30 in Hillsdale and Sarah's game is in Jackson and oh yes, we still have a herd of cows to milk!

Fortunately for us, JW has been a huge help pitching in where we need him. He will milk tonight while we go to Luke's last game and I think we will be done quick enough to get back home for the end of chores. But not quick enough to make it to any of Sarah's game.

Since I usually feed some of the football boys before their game, today I will run a catering business in the weight room. Bobby suggested we take a meal into them so they have something good to eat before the game. So this afternoon I will be taking enchaladias and a sausage and stuffing casserole with rolls, broccoli and apple crisp to the school weight room and feed the normal crowd. They have weight lifting last hour so they will have some time to eat. Then we will continue the race of getting some of the chores done and going to the game.

But first I have to bed the barn and write a column! So I'd better get moving!