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Monday, October 26, 2009

Game Time Wrap up

Good Monday Morning from a sunny knolltop!

It's supposed to stay sunny for awhile then get cloudy. But in the 60s!!!!

Okay, so here we go....Luke's team won Thursday night...yes must have been that super supper they enjoyed in the stinky weight room. Yuck, it did stink in there. But they weren't shy when it came time to belly up to the buffet.

They smoked Manchester that night. They put the freshman QB in toward the end of the game and when they needed a tackle, the regular kid who plays that position wasn't ready to take the field, so Luke ran in to play tackle and while running in, he screamed like a little kid "WooHoo!" It was so funny. He said he loved playing a different position, especially tackle where he could just go hit somebody.

While Luke was playing his last game, Sarah's team was working on their undefeated season and accomplished that goal! She said they beat Jackson Christian in 2 games! She was happy to say the least and is looking forward to AAU volleyball in the spring.

Okay, we can talk about MSU's loss to Iowa. A hard fought game and in my opinion, either team deserved that win. So I wasn't as upset as I normally am when they give the game away. Enough said.

Last night the feed cart extraction team played a round or two in the barn. Bobby has his motorized feed cart back from the shop and was using it last night when he crossed over the wooden bridge and it buckled. Crash went the cart and in came the extraction crew. Luke and JW helped him get it back on solid ground and repaired the bridge. Thank heaven's for weight lifting class!!!!!

Now I'm headed back out to the barn to bed and let the cows in while Bobby is gone to his Dr. appointment.