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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parent-Teacher Confusion

Good Morning from a warmer Knolltop! I don't have to wear my long underwear to the barn these days and it sure is nice!

Sarah's team won again last night in a close match with Hillsdale Academy. They are still undefeated and I'm so proud of them!

After the game, JW and Luke had some friends over for a bon fire. They hosted it, all I did was eat smores and make sure no one burned themselves! They had a two hour delay this morning so this enabled them to stay up a little later last night.

Yesterday were parent teacher conferences. I'm just not sure who's children they were talking about. One teacher would rave about a kid and the other would say he was disrespectful and not working up to his potential. One teacher told me Jake's strength was comprehension and another told me comprehension was his weakest area. So now I wonder, just what exactly are they doing and are they teaching the same kid?

Let's just say, a little more attention will be paid to school work, it's been automatic up until now, but that is going to change!

Time for dishes!