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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heifer parties

Through the faint showers of light streaming from the yard light I could see hoof prints tracking through the front yard as I made my way across to the barn this windy, cloudy morning on the Knolltop.

Since the tracks were small, I knew it was the heifers that had been partying all night long. And sure enough when I walked into the barn, Bobby met me with a flashlight and said, we've got heifers out somewhere. He hopped in the van and I went on foot, looking for the elusive bovines. There at the bottom of Horse Hill was one springing heifer and lucky for me, the gate was open behind her so I just chased her through the gate and closed it behind her.

We had four younger heifers to put back into their pen and with that, we were done chasing. Apparently they had run around all night long and were happy to be back home by the time we got out there to milk. At that point, I was happy we had an aged dog that didn't hear a thing all night. Otherwise she would've woken us up and we would've been out chasing cattle by moonlight. Thank God for old dogs!


Anonymous said...

Seeing hoof tracks on your way to the barn is never a good way to start the day, or that phone call in the midle of the night telling you you have an animal out.WRONG! You almost never have just one animal out.
Francis and Pat

Anonymous said...

Its been awhile since we had cows out, knock on wood. I hate those middle of the night calls.

Anonymous said...