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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Singing in the silo

It's a cold, blustery, sunny day here on the Knolltop. The wind is from the west which means the kitchen is cold and you know what that means????? It's a great day to bake!

One of the comments from a couple of days ago mentioned singing in the silo. I have an idea who that person was who left that comment since there is only one person in this whole world who has ever sung in the silo with me....and that would be my good friend from my childhood, Nancy. She is a special friend in my life, always will be. She and I shared many, many things and one of the best was singing together. It seemed no matter what, the world was our stage. We would sing all the time, but our favorite place was in the silo.

One of us would break out in a Captain and Tennial song (showing our age)I don't know how to spell it! Invariably it was this one, "Lonely nights, I cry myself to sleep....tell me what am I gonna do....." I can hear us now, it was so much fun!

So, now I have to ask, are there any other farm girls out there who did that? Who stood in the silo and sang their heart out? Hearing their voice echo? Enjoying the time all by yourself with no one around to hear you? Come on...fess up!

Yesterday with all the busyness I was still able to get two columns written, now this morning I've got another one to write and off to the grocery store, after chores of course!


threecollie said...

Can't say I have ever sung in the silo, but we sing in the barn sometimes...and always in the car if it is the kids and me.

~ Sara ~ said...

Nope... I've never sung in a silo... However I have been known to sing along with the radio while setting up the milk barn.

This also happens to have led to my most embarrassing moment or momments.

Three times over... Same Kenny Chesney song (She Thinks My Tractor Sexy) being sang at the top of my lungs while the same Mennonite comes in the milk barn unbeknownst to me. Needless to say my face burned and I just wished that I could vanish, while he was trying not to laugh and keep a straight face all three times.

I’ve since stopped singing in the milk barn and only sing on the tractor or while in traffic. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Melissa, it's was me Nancy. Such good days...and do you remember singing on the gas well and finding fools gold. We sang on my back porch, your diving board. And all those dance moves we practiced in your bedroom. And then it got really crazy when I got that jukebox for Christmas. Take care!

Anonymous said...