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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hoop Savvy and Jersey Milk

Wow, what a beautiful sunrise this morning! It's cold, but sunny.

The weekend was great! What was so great about it? Glad you asked.....Jake had a buzzer beater in his basketball game on Saturday! He said it was the end of the game, he looked at the clock and from outside the three point line he threw it up and swish! It went in just as the buzzer went off. They were ahead by something like 20 points, so it wasn't a true "clutch" shot, but it was just as good to Jake. If I saw him reenact that shot once I watched him 27 times over and over and over again in our living room, or should I say our basketball court aka living room.

And while Jake was showing his hoop savvy I was speaking at a ladies day out at the Solid Rock Community Church in West Unity, Ohio. They were the best group of women from so many different backgrounds. After a morning full of fun we had lunch, made by the men, one very special man, Duane Knisely, a good friend of ours. You'll remember Duane as the retired FFA teacher and beef producer. He and his wife have a farm with beef cattle and they used to milk cows. So when lunch time rolled around his son-in-law walked up and set down a tall glass of milk just for me and said Mr. Knisely told me to tell you this was special milk from a Jersey cow! That Duane!

Well, I'd love to expound more about it, but I just heard the tractor go down to the barn and that's my cue to head back out to bed the cows.