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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cowboy Jake

Good Morning from a sunny Knolltop!
It's going to be another beautiful day here and we've got lots of work to do. The white washer will come tomorrow so we've got to get everything out of the barn today so they can clean it and paint it. I'm not looking forward to this!

Then tonight Bobby and I will attend the Godfrey Farm Rural-Urban Picnic where the featured speaker will be Mike Cox, Michigan's Attorney General who has tossed his hat into the Governor's race ring. It should be interesting.

I should get a great article out of this event as always.

Yesterday we had lots of activity as always, but one camera worthy event was Jake, Sarah and Jake's friend Mason with the horse. Sarah and saddled the horse for the boys to ride and led Bud down the road for them. I didn't catch it until they were all done and pouring water on Bud to cool him off from the tough workout. Here's what I witnessed.

Jake's cowboy hat was the biggest HOOT! That is one of Bobby's old hats that was up in the closet and got a bit misshapen, but Jake didn't care, he still though he needed to wear it, with his shorts and tennis shoes???? What a kid!