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Friday, July 3, 2009

Lively baseball game!

Good Morning from a cloudy Knolltop!

Last night Jake had a baseball game and boy was it the last inning. The ump called a strike that the other coaches didn't like and they let the ump have it. What they didn't realize was who they were dealing with. This particular ump would rather get into a fight than call the game. So when he threw the coaches out of the game and the coaches kept arguing, the ump said, "I'm not afraid to come over that fence and start throwin' some punches!" And with that, the coaches took their team off the field and forfeited the game. So, we won all because of an ump who "isn't afraid to start throwin' some punches." We know the ump, and we know how he reacts to things, so it certainly wasn't a surpise that he got into a shouting match. In the end, it was pretty humerous. Of course, not for the other team...but it gave me a chuckle on the way home.

Now I'm going to try to post the video I took of Jake and his drum set.