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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alarm clock woes

Good Morning from a chilly, clear Knolltop! The moon is full and was so bright this morning when we walked across the road to milk. In fact it was bright when we got done with milking last night too. It's so nice to have that bright light even at night.

Yesterday was a busy day that started out just a tad behind. Our alarm clock decided to quit working and of course we didn't find out until I woke up at 4:30 am....a time when we are normally a third done with milking! Jolting out of bed and dashing to the barn, it was a welcome relief when we turned the radio up and heard the kids didn't have school because of the icy roads!

For the rest of the day, we were behind. Every time I thought about posting on this blog, I realized I had something else to do. So I just never got to it causing alarm in the South. Getting a call from my favorite mother -in-law at 9 pm last night was a little disconcerting, I automatically thought something was wrong when I looked at the caller ID. She was just calling to check on us because I hadn't posted! It's nice to know we're being looked out for....actually, I was surprised my mom didn't call, she always calls when I don't post. Maybe I'd better call her to make sure everything is okay!

From the comment left yesterday, I see old Pryorvu is getting things ready for Christmas....glad to hear he's not slacking off out there in the foothills of the Rockies!

Today is the Michigan Holstein Association Holiday sale. JW and I have to sell concessions at it since the Juniors are using that as a fundraiser. This evening the kids have their Christmas concert. So it's never a dull moment on the Knolltop.

By the way, at the game on Tuesday night, the JV's beat Climax-Scotts but the varsity lost.


Anonymous said...

Liss--I did'nt call(with great difficulty) because I knew the kids did,nt have school andI figured you were busy but if you hadn,t posted this AM you were going to get an urgent call!! everyone here fine and we will see you tonight for the concert. Love mom

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