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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas on the Knolltop.

There is ice on the window here in my office. It's an ice storm at the moment...but we will soon have rain and I'm hearing it will be in the sixties tomorrow! This is very strange weather we're having on the Knolltop.
Yesterday was a very unusual Christmas for the Knolltop. Usually we get our chores done in a hurry so we can celebrate the day. Not yesterday. The main pipe from the well pit to the barn sprung a leak late Christmas Eve. They let it leak in the barn so the cows could have a drink and then shut the water off while they made preparations to fix it Christmas morning. One call to our farm savior, the neighbor Mr. Mike from Knolltop Morgans, also the resident electrician and Jack of all Trades, had just the part we needed to make another part for the pipe. Interrupting his Christmas morning wasn't in either of our plans but with the cows without water Christmas had to wait on the Knolltop. Late morning Mr. Mike, Bobby, JW and Luke finally got the pipe fixed and the cows had water....Christmas could begin!
We were opening presents at noon and all of us commented on how strange that was. But I'm sure we weren't the only farm family across the nation who had troubles on Christmas Day. With the weather acting so strange there were bound to be other malfunctions that didn't look at the calendar before they malfunctioned.

So now I'll share a few pictures of the day before Christmas when I had everyone in the act of baking and then Christmas Day.
I had JW and Luke slaving away on Christmas Eve, baking and baking and baking. They tried to sneak away, after they ate their fill of peanut butter balls and were too full to roll anymore. But I got the whip out and gave them 50 lashes and they stayed until the bitter end!
The pecan turtles were done and ready for chocolate...but I ran out, so we had naked turtles.
The pies were baked and the sweetrolls with the burned side down. Yes, I burned the sweetrolls...time got away from me! But we had yummy punch, in the popcorn bowl, Sarah broke my punch bowl last, she didn't throw it at Jake in a rage of anger....just an accident.

The table was all set for Christmas dinner, don't mind the wrinkled mother is cringing right now at a wrinkled tablecloth, but the day was getting away from me, plus I was out of starch!

After all the opening of gifts the living room pretty much stayed like this until I put the hammer down and the elves started cleaning up.

And that was our Christmas day! Now it's time to have Christmas with the rest of the family up north!


Anonymous said...

Hey Liss--If you hadn't told us about the wrinkles in your tablecloth we'd have never noticed them! WE'd have only seen the lovely Christmas china and the nice old stemware. Sorry about ypur water pipe. One Winter several years ago a cold wind came up suddenly from a different direction than we anticipated and froze all the pipes in the barn and it took most of the day to thaw and replace pipe. It was a sunday in the middle of a very bad storm and we had to ask the local hardware store to openup twice to sell us parts. The owner was very nice and the 2nd time I went in he offered to come out and help us but by that time we almost had it done--but it didn't happen on Christmas!! Looks like christmas was good anyway--we have to think of little "Blessed" out there in the barn. Love mom

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