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Monday, December 15, 2008

What's the weather?

Here's a football picture of Luke last fall. I just got a disc with all of them on it, so I think I'll share some of them here and there. I love this one, he looks like a pro!

It's a very strange weather day on the Knolltop today! When we walked across the road this morning it was 48, now it's 32 and getting colder by the minute. We are expected to have ice, snow and wind today. I highly the doubt the boys basketball game will happen today....but we'll see.

Friday night we traveled to Litchfield to watch the boys play, Luke's team killed the Terriers(what an awful name for a mascot) and JW's team lost. I'll refrain from any commentary on either game to keep peace in the house.

Yesterday morning we were blessed with a Christmas Cantata at church. It was so nice just to hear the choir sing, no acting, no bumbled lines, nothing but beautiful singing by both the adult and children's choir. The only regret is that I wasn't in it. But I'm sure there will be time for that later in life when the kids are grown!

No Christmas tree yet, I think I might get that this morning, especially if we are going to be weathered in, like they are forecasting. Then we'll have all the kids home to decorate!


Anonymous said...

Hi Liss--Boy oh boy the wind here is about to blow us away!! We went and got our tree yesterday but it is still in the garage and I think that if we brought it in today we would soon be airborn. Maybe Montana will check in today and tell us about their weather-- I think it's pretty bad. A little comment about your Mt Laundry--I used to have one too--4 kids on a farm will do that to you--but mine was always in the basement and nobody saw it but me. Like you, I worked at it all the time and now I have a hard time getting my day started without at least doing one loat of larndry. Old habits die hard!! Also, don't wait too long to share that lovely voice--it's God's gift to you and to all of us and it needs to be shared. Love mom

Anonymous said...

Not a photographer? The photo of Blanche is beautiful! You need to give yourself more credit! I really enjoyed your photos.

Anonymous said...