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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snow day

Good Morning from an icy, snowing, no school today Knolltop!

The kids are elated to think they don't have school. I am too.

The scrimmage went well last night, we had to divide our attention between the JV and Varsity. Luke was in one gym and JW was in we kept walking back and forth. It was fun.

The ride home was slow, the roads were awful. I don't know if they were really that bad or we are getting acclamaited to the snow again.

This morning Jake and I cleaned out a spot for the calves, they had to move to make room for other cows. Don't even ask where those good for nothin' teenagers were...don't get me started...just don't get me started!

Sarah and Jake are out sledding right now, what a great time for pictures but since I just got out of a nice warm shower after being out in the cold, I'm NOT going back out in the cold to snap pictures...sorry, I'm just not that dedicated!


Rebz said...

Hi Melissa,
This is my first visit to your blog, but I'll be back! Lucky you for a snowday. The best of snowdays for me now that I'm a grown up is that my husband is a teacher and when he's home it's like a day off for me!
See you-

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

Glad you stopped in Joce, nice to have you here...please come again!

Anonymous said...