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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fudge or envelopes?

It's an icy morning here on the Knolltop. We're getting rain right now and the road is a sheet of ice, I'm assuming the paved roads are fine since the kids had school, but I"m glad I don't have to leave the comforts of this little farmstead.

Last night we slipped our way to Jonesville to watch the boys basketball game. The JV team won and the varsity lost, but it was close. They were both really good games and it was fun to watch the first game of the season.

This evening Bobby will ride the bus with the boys to Climax. It's over an hour away so Sarah and I will stay home and milk the cows. I'm good with that, it will be nice to spend the evening with just Sarah.

I think I might try to get some Christmas cards sent today...maybe...who knows. I've only had one year when I was on time, I was organized and sent them out the day after Thanksgiving. I haven't been that organized since. But since I love to get them, I need to send them!

Or maybe I"ll just bake Christmas goodies today. That sounds way better than writing out cards. The taste of an envelope doesn't even compare to chocolate peanut butter fudge!


threecollie said...

I know just what you mean about milking cows with one kid or another and having a peaceful, pleasant conversation for an hour or is just nice.
and I would ALWAYS vote for fudge over mail, every day of the week. lol

PryorVu said...

Christmas is coming to the PryorVu also. So far 13 loaves of Julekage and 3 of pumpkin bread(no pies this year, just a loaf of bread made from home grown pumpkins). The two youngest of our nephews and I and friends went to the Beartooths the Friday after Thanksgiving and cut fresh trees for both house. Had a great time. The two college nephews will be home the 17th and the 19th. They have told me to save making the venison summer sausage and jerky plus the balance of the Julekage(Christmas bread) and the Lefse 'til they get home. So I will do so. I always enjoy their presence. Nephew in the middle has been busy on Saturday's cutting firewood for Grandma. Shopping is "partially done", but will finish next week. Chocolate peanut butter fudge sounds good.

Merry Christmas from the PryoVu.

Anonymous said...