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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blessed Christmas

Same weather...different day....again.

But there is something exciting and different about today! This morning we went out to do chores and while I was going behind the cows pulling down the manure on the platform I caught Bobby coming in the barn with the wheelbarrow. This was out of the ordinary for his morning routine, but I continued to work. A few minutes later he walked back to the springer pen with a rope halter. At that moment, I knew a cow was either calving or had already delivered. I continued with my routine until I came to an empty stall and there I saw a newborn calf.

Of course, I immediately checked to see if it was a bull or a heifer and to my surprise it was a heifer! My mind started racing about who it was. Was it Blanche's Goldwyn calf? No, I looked at her yesterday, she didn't look that close to having a calf, it must have been one of the first calf heifers. Quickening my pace caused by my excitment of curiosity, I walked back to the springer pen. Where was he? I couldn't see him or hear him, I figured the cow must have been out in the steer barn...but he took a halter, so whoever had the calf had to be halter broke and the heifers that were close were definitely not halter broke!

I continued to look out in the darkness of the pasture but couldn't see a thing with the snow blowing....just then the big sliding door opened, I knew it was Bobby bringing in the new mom. But who was it? It was like slow motion, Bobby walked through the door with the lead rope in his hand and right behind him was her! It was Blanche! I screamed with excitment!

I couldn't believe it! God had given us a Goldwyn daughter out of Blanche! To say the least Bobby has been on cloud nine ever since. The wind can keep blowing, the water bowls can freeze, the gutter cleaner can it just doesn't matter, Bobby received the best Christmas present he could ever get.....Knolltop Goldwyn Blessed.


Anonymous said...

Oh boyLiss and Bobby, I'm sooo happy for you. It may have been awhile since we have milked but I can still feel the joy having that special calf arrive safe and sound and the right sex!! What a great Christmas gift. Take good care of her--love mom

threecollie said...

Congratulations!!!! That is truly wonderful and couldn't happen to a nicer family!

Anonymous said...

GOLDWYN!!! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to see the calf this coming summer. Whenever it comes! Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I just love the name -- it's so perfect!

I can relate to your excitement. We had quite a surprise of our own this morning. Our best heifer -- a potential sixth-generation excellent from our breeding -- calved. She was ultrasounded to have a bull, but the vet was only 70% sure. It turned out to be a heifer!!! I had to check twice before I'd believe it! Then I was off to go dig a clean calf hutch out of a snow bank to move into the shed. I thought I was done with heifer calves until February. What a nice Christmas gift!!!

Anonymous said...

When do we get a picture of mama and baby? S B H

Paintsmh said...

I am so happy for you guys! Goldwyn is such an awesome bull, I hope the calf grows into a stellar individual for you!

Anonymous said...