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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heifers running at dusk

Good Morning from a sunny, breezy and the rain is gone now Knolltop!

With the rain and the grass coming on, the cows are able to stay out all day now and boy is that nice. Especially for the dry cows and heifers who get to hang out in the big pasture. We had two escapees the other evening. Sarah and I got done with chores while the guys were at the baseball game and while I was finishing up some editing for Dairy Agenda Today, I heard the "moo" of a cow and she was way too close. I looked out and saw Sarah's heifer, Brandy, running down the road and before I could get my shoes on, Sarah was out the door to round her up.

Brandy and her pen mate, Lexi were out having a great time kicking up their heels in the dusk of the evening. Sarah put halters on them and we tied them in a stall for the night. The next day we decided they were old enough to go out with the dry cows and heifers so they are now enjoying the wide open space of the pasture and loving every minute of it!

Tonight will be a busy evening. Sarah has volleyball practice at 5:30 Jake has baseball practice at 5 and then we have a band concert at 7 pm. It seems like the last month of school is busier than any other time of the year!

Today I have to write a couple of stories, do some editing and then head out to mow the back yard.


Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that cattle feel the need to come and MOO outside you window, that sometimes can give you a headstart on stoping the rest of the herd from getting out.
Francis and Pat

threecollie said...

I am always grateful, if the darned things have to get out, if they are show cows. One time five or six of them went down the driveway to the highway with snow banks higher than my head. No way I could get ahead of them. However, one of my pets was in the bunch.
I called.
She came.
The rest followed.
And I thanked God, very sincerely, for tame cows!

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

Frannie and Pat - I agree, I need all the headstarts I can get!

Threecollie - you are so right! They seem to keep the rest calm or something...I don't know, but there are times when I can just point and they go back in!

Anonymous said...