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Monday, May 4, 2009

Prom Results

Good Morning from a sunny Knolltop. We're supposed to be in the upper 60s today!

It was a very busy weekend, but I must put the ONE picture I have up from JW's prom night. Yes, I only have ONE and that's only because Hillary's mom was kind enough to send IT.

JW has more on a zip drive that Hillary's mom, Suzanne, gave him but he wouldn't let me have it until he looked at it first! And to think I went through 36 hours of labor for that kid!

While we were in Battle Creek at Sarah's Volleyball tournament, JW was at Kimball Camp getting ready for FFA Leadership Camp. When he got done with that, he drove up to Hillary's house and got ready for the big evening. My parents arrived at their home, along with all the other parents of the kids who were there for the pre prom photo shoot. Picture after picture after picture was taken of all these beautiful kids. Then they were off to dinner and the prom.

While we were finishing up chores on Sunday morning JW pulled in to give us a quick update before he headed back to Kimball Camp for the Region II FFA Camp. He stayed overnight at my parents house since it is only a few minutes from Hillary's house.

He told us he had a great time with Hillary, but his favorite part was roasting marshmellows at the bon fire at Hillary's house afterward. So typical for a boy!

He left for camp and a few hours later called to say, "Could you get somebody to milk for you tonight, I need you guys over here for dinner tonight...all the officers are honoring their parents at the dinner." Oh, great JW! Thanks for letting us know in a timely manner!

So while Luke, Sarah, Jake and I did chores Bobby went to the dinner and collected my rose! I was glad to let him go, he never gets to attend FFA events. Bobby said it was very nice, but that JW was the only one with one parent...all the rest had both parents in attendance. While I'm bummed I missed out, I think that's remarkable in this day and age!

JW will be home this afternoon and Jake starts Little League practice today, he's more than excited!

And that's the weekend in a nutshell! When I get another picture of the prom....I'll post it.