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Friday, May 22, 2009

Home Run Delight!

It's another beautiful day here on the Knolltop! Good Morning!

Last evening was beautiful as well as we sat at the ball field watching our team beat Jackson Christian. I sat with my BFF Sue for the first game and then sat with my BFF Debbie, (you know I only use that BFF stuff in fun, hope I'm not irritating anyone with it!)

The only problem with sitting with Debbie, our pastor's wife, is that her son Brandon plays for Jax Christian. So while I cheered for Luke, I was in the minority on the opposing side. It was all good until Luke hit that home run and we started whistling, cheering and basically screaming with delight! Debbie, her daughter Lauren, my daughter Sarah and I were the only ones cheering on that side, while the rest of the Jax Christian crowd just sat in silence. Then to make matters worse, Brandon, Debbie's son and the second baseman for Jax, gave Luke a high five as he jogged around the bases. I think that was a bit too much for that crowd.

But Luke was beaming as he came in and basically had a grin from ear to ear the rest of the game and I think he went to bed grinning.

That was their last outing for the season and districts will start next week.

Today I'll get back outside and enjoy the weather working in the sunshine. I told Jake and Sarah they will be helping me plant the garden tomorrow! You can only imagine the looks I received. Yep, that's right...thrilled to death!


Angie said...

Do you want to laugh. Erik decided to plant some garden himself this year. I know we all know about his sweet corn and other things. But he planted anything he could get his hands on...including 60 pounds of potatoes. I think the farmers market will see alot of him this fall. We will see! I miss you Melissa...we must do coffee!!

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