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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday's Prom Update: More pictures!

Good morning from a sunny Knolltop and at 8 am it's 49 degrees!

For those of you who can't get enough of the prom pictures, which are about three people, me, mom and are a few more that Suzanne sent yesterday.

Here's Grandma pinning the flowers on JW...Hillary was too worried about poking him. This is so cute!
Gramps and Grandma with JW.

Hillary with her grandparents, Joyce and Bob Benjamin, long time Holstein breeders.

JW and Hillary with Hillary's parents Suzanne and Al.
And then we have bonus prom pictures from Wisconsin!

Alexa Nunes and her boyfriend....oops, I forgot to get his name...sorry!
Alexa is the oldest daughter of Matt and Mandy Nunes of Scientific Holsteins. I know the story behind that dress, but I won't share it here! I'm just happy to be able to share the photos! Thanks Alexa!
That's it for today's edition of the prom update....if I get more, I'll share, until you tell me to stop!
Better go eat breakfast!