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Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day and Miracles

It's a beautiful day on the Knolltop! Sunny and getting warmer by the minute!

Yesterday morning I was goofing off with Angie and we had a great time. But this morning, it's back to the grind. I've got a long list of things to get done and posting some pictures on this blog is not one of them. So I've got to get this done quickly so I can get back to the real work at hand!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Some friends of ours from Indonesia were here for a visit and their oldest daughter, Jennifer, spent the day with us. She and Sarah are good friends. We started with a parade and then came home and goofed off outside most of the day.Sarah and Jennifer enjoying some sunshine. It was cold for Jen, she's used to weather in the 90s, not the 70s!

Luke in the center had to march in the parade, he wasn't too happy about it, but I enjoyed watching him!

Then the miracle came Tuesday night when the two children who get along the least spent an hour outside playing volleyball together. JW and Sarah spend most of their days tolerating each other. One day they will get along, just like my big brother Rex and I. We fought most of our childhood years but now get along beautifully.

When JW and Sarah first went out, I made a mad dash with my camera out to the front porch and snuck a few shots of them together. I figured they would be fighting within minutes, but I was pleasantly surprised when an hour later they both came back in red faced and civil!

Okay, I've interrupted a million times while doing this post...I guess I'd better get going!


Anonymous said...

My goodness, Liss, Seeing that picture of Luke with the base drum reminds me that he is the 3rd generation percussionist in the family and I love it!! Can't help but point out that when I marched with the bass drum I was only 5 ft. tall and couldn't even see where I was going!! love mom

PryorVu said...

There is more than one of your family that played drums for Memorial Day parade. Number 4 from the Four Dot played snare for two community parades and for three cemeteries. Number five did taps five times. There Dad carried the Stars and Stipes. Pryor Vu cooked the roast beef for the pot luck at the American Legion hall. All the family here attended all local events including the 90 year old Mom and Grandma.


somebody said...