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Thursday, September 10, 2009

College Volleyball

Good Morning from a cloudy, still Knolltop!

We went to Sarah's volleyball game last evening and they won! Sarah wasn't too sure they would so I'm glad they have a win under their belt to take to the next game on Monday. I'm sure Jake's personal coaching helped her out a bunch.

The other day I walked through the livingroom and they were watching college volleyball. Jake looked at me as serious as he could be and said, "I'm watching this for Sarah, she needs to watch it and get some pointers on how to improve her game." Sarah immediately took offense and an arguement ensued. But with last night's win, there may be some merit to watching ESPN.

Is anyone else day behind this week? I just realized my column was due yesterday! I thought today was Wednesday. I guess I had better get on that!


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