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Monday, September 21, 2009

Headed East

Good morning from a soggy Knolltop! It's been raining off and on since last night.

Okay, here's an update on the family who I asked you to pray for. Jessica Wier and Jackie Wier were in a car accident in Idaho. Jessica was killed while Jackie was treated and release from the hospital. Please continue to pray for this family.

Also, I could use some prayer too. My mom and I are headed for Harrisburg, PA tomorrow for three days for the All-American Dairy show to cover it for Dairy Agenda Today. So, yes, that's how I can go, certainly wouldn't be going if I were footing the bill! So please pray for my family here while I'm gone. I know they can handle things without me, but I don't want any major things going wrong while I'm gone.

Then as soon as I come home we will be doing last minute preps for the fair. Oh, I am so not ready for the fair!

Now it's time to bed the barn and get the cows back in. Later!


Farmlady said...

Enjoy your trip to beautiful PA .I live in central PA .Not sure how far it is to Harrisburg from here .Probably a couple of hours. Anyway have fun !

~ Sara ~ said...

Oh how I wish I were going. Our previous milk haulers girls are going to be out there with their Guernseys and Ayrshire I believe. Hope you have a great time!

Anonymous said...