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Friday, October 17, 2008

Big show

Good Morning from a cool, cloudy and still dark Knolltop!

It's been confirmed, JW did hit another deer and now my van has a bigger dent in it. You know, most people would be embarrassed to drive that van around the way it is...but not me. Today, Sarah and I will head north to the MSU Pavilion for the Great Lakes International Draft Horse show in that van. I've never been one who was impressed with cars. Tractors? Yes. Cars? No. So I'll probably be the only one driving it until we get it fixed.

Okay, now for the update about the Jerseys that Threecollie, from Northview Diary in New York asked for yesterday. They are getting along just fine, although they like to play around when going to their stalls. The Holsteins head straight for their spot...they know a manger full of food awaits them...the Jerseys like to wander by their stalls, maybe peek in, take a step in the right direction and then duck back out to see what everyone else is doing. Most mornings, I can find humor in this game but on the mornings when I'm tired, I'm not interested in playing.

They are testing pretty well, but we've got some Holsteins that have a higher test...Holly being one of them! So, as it goes, they are now well adjusted and cooperative.

Since I was on a dead run all day yesterday and I didn't get my column written, that task awaits me! And then we're off to the big show!

By the way, Luke's team beat Sand Creek last a very good game and Luke scored a touch down and then turned around and made the extra points!