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Friday, October 3, 2008

Someone's watching my baby

A beautiful sunrise is peeking over the horizon here on the Knolltop and while we ate our hot sweetrolls this morning we noticed how pretty Miss Stanna's tree was with the sun shining on it with the leaves just starting to turn.

Last evening Luke's team beat Camden again. Luke had a much better game this week than last...of course he wasn't getting up at the crack of dawn to milk cows at a county fair this week either, so his performance was much better. It was a cold game, but a good one.

When we got home we watched some of the Agriprize sale on the Internet, but we didn't see JW. He called last night and sounded very tired. But he is excited about going to the World Classic sale tonight.

Wednesday there was a comment on the blog from someone, I don't know who, but they said they saw Levi and JW and that they looked tired but were doing well. I thought about that comment and had a feeling of comfort as a mom knowing that my 17 year old is 600 miles from home and yet I still had a friend watching out for my child. It's an amazing industry we work in when we can go just about anywhere in the country and have a friend just around the corner.

Thank you to whoever reported on JW! I sure do appreciate it!