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Friday, October 31, 2008

A new baby

It's sunny, breezy and quite warm out, now that it's nearly noon here on the Knolltop.

I'm getting used to my new winter schedule. Now that the cows are staying in at night, my morning routine has changed and I have to go back out and help do some morning chores. I really don't mind, that just means I do more work and I can eat more. I like that. Especially that Halloween candy that I bought to give out tonight in hopes that no one will show up on my porch! Yes, I plan on turning the light on....for a few minutes anyway! Then it's an evening of pigging out on chocolate and popcorn!

We had a new calf born last evening during chores and it was a hoot watching the kids trying to bring the new mom and her baby in from the pasture. Jake had a rope halter, I guess in hopes of putting it on the heifer and leading her into the barn. Never mind that she's not a show heifer and acts like she hasn't seen white man since she was born! While he chased her around the older boys watched and Sarah gave directions.

The frustration ended with Bobby headed out to help. I continued to milk and pretty soon JW walked into the barn carrying a black heifer calf and then the rest of the crew brought in the new mom. She seemed quiet when we milked her last night and this morning. We'll see if that continues!


threecollie said...

Congratulations on the new arrival.

Anonymous said...

How nice a new calf. I miss that, we no longer calve at the farm where I work. Pam

Peek-A-Boo Street said...

Oh how exciting on a new baby calf. I have always been fasinated by farm life. I live in the suburbs and think farm life would be so nice. I just love your blog.

somebody said...