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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I got sidetracked!

It's a beautiful, sunny afternoon here on the Knolltop!

I got slightly side tracked this morning on my way to blogsville. First I got a call from Trent to be on Rural Route and of course I said yes, who wouldn't?

Then I got a call from my dad saying he had baled some fourth cutting that was a little wet and needed to be fed up....of course I said, Yes, I'll be there this morning to get it!

Then on my way to my parents, the truck overheated and I had to play mechanic and of course I said, Yes, I'll open the radiator and pour in some anti-freeze all the while getting step by step instructions from my husband.

The real victory is, I got the hood open on the truck, found the radiator cap, opened it up, didn't get burned, poured in the antifreeze, closed the hood and went back home to safety! I hate being alone when my vehicle breaks down. Now there's a story I'll have to share sometime....broken down on I-96 at midnight....alone!

Oh, yes and I forgot to share the news that my husband has shared with everyone he talked to today....I hit a deer last night with my van. Killed the six point buck sent Jake into hysterics and once I got him settled down for the night Bobby got him all riled up again while praying for "Maw, the deer killer and that poor little dead buck out there." The wailing and moaning cranked up again and it took a good 5 minutes to settle the little animal activist back down! My new name is now "deer slayer."

By the way, the van is a little crunched, but still running and will be in the repair shop before long.


messingar said...

I don't know what has gotten into those deer this year, but you are the 5th person I have heard of hitting a deer this year. Thank goodness you're okay and your van is okay, relatively. :) By the way, the Jersey enthusiasts are still waiting for those pictures of the new Knolltop additions!

threecollie said...

I hate hitting deer and they are all over the roads lately. Glad you are okay!

somebody said...