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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Michigan Juniors do well

Good Morning from a cloudy Knolltop.

It's cool and feels even more like Fall around here this morning. I told the kids this morning I would have to bake something today to warm up the house! I garnered all smiles with that!

Last evening Sarah was doing her homework, she had to write two fables. One was to be 250 words and the other 500. She was complaining about how long they were to be, I told her it was a cinch, and that she'd have 500 words in no time. Of course, both of her fables were stories with cows in it, and what she had written was very, very good! I'm sure her English teacher wonders why she is so obsessed with cows!

We spoke with JW last night, he was doing well out there in Madison. They went to Expo yesterday and saw some familiar faces. A couple of Juniors from Michigan fared well in the Junior Holstein Show yesterday. Tera Koebel had the Junior Champion bred and owned and placed 5th with her three year old. Parker Hardy was second, behind Tera in the Junior Calf class and then he was first in his cow class, I'm thinking it was a Senior Two year old, Dolly. They made Michigan look good yesterday! Congratulations Tera and Parker!

I'm headed out to clean out the cattle trailer and then put two of the show heifers out to pasture with the other bred heifers and dry cows. Sarah has a volleyball game tonight at Jackson Christian...I get to skip chores and go!