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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who needs a treadmill!

Finally, I'm on this computer. What a morning! It's cool today with sun and clouds. This morning I remembered that the boys asked me last night to make something for their FFA lunch. Why not?

So I started some sweetrolls as soon as I got in from milking. Then we went through our normal breakfast but I had to take the two younger kids in to school because JW and Luke went in early to pitch. Actually, JW was pitching and Luke was catching. It's basketball season you it's time to wake up early and practice pitching????? It makes sense to I guess it's all good.

After breakfast clean up we headed back out to the barn to let the cows out, bed, clean the mangers, put more feed out and let them back in. While I was sweeping I remembered I needed to roll out the dough and make it into sweetrolls so they could have time to rise. I ran in, made up the sweetrolls, put them in a pan and covered them with a damp towel.

Back out at the barn, the gutter cleaner decided to act up. This thing hasn't given us a bit of trouble for months....this morning, when I have sweetrolls to make by 11:15, it decides to tangle up.

While elbow deep in fresh cow manure my memory sparked and I said, "I have to run in and put the sweetrolls in the oven, I'll be right back." Leaving Bobby holding the links, I made a mad dash to the house, slipped the beautifully risen rolls in the oven, set the timer and ran back out. We finally got the gutters cleaned and when I made the last stroke with the broom, I yelled across the barn to Bobby, "I've gotta go take the rolls out or they'll burn and my kids will never forgive me!" Not waiting for a reply, I ran back into the house and the rolls needed a few more minutes, thank heavens. That gave me time to, change clothes, head to the bathroom, run the hair dryer through my hair to take some of the sawdust out, spray on some perfume and even slap on a little Marykay.

I delivered hot and I mean HOT sweetrolls to waiting FFA members and came home to start more laundry, clean up more of the house and finally get this blog post on! Now I've got to figure out what to have for dinner and clean up the rest of the house....but not before I catch a cat nap!


Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted from reading your blog today. I need to go take a nap!

Julie said...

Wow you remind me of how my mom was and still is. She always did stuff for my sis and I still does and for her grand kids too now. I don't know what I would do without her. By the way something about gutters today ours backed up and I was late for work because of one.

threecollie said...

Only a farm wife could begin to understand what you went through. Glad you got it all done!

Anonymous said...

i want the tread mill aunt lissa i do!! im so fat it's not even funny. i bet i weigh 250+ and i need to loose it.

love you all.

Anonymous said...