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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random pictures and comedians

If any of you were wondering why there was a picture on the top of the blog with no was because yesterday I was fooling around with Picasa, where my pictures are stored and it said, "Blog it" so I blogged that picture just to see how it worked. Then I never went back to see it.

So, that picture is at the fair last week when Bobby and JW were blowing up tops on all the cattle. I have to say it was nice to have JW on the scene, a first this year, as he and Bobby worked together to make the cattle look their best. It works out rather well because JW doesn't enjoy showing near as much as Luke and Sarah do and Luke hates fitting the cows and really enjoys showing, so JW can fit the cattle while Sarah, Luke and Jake show them. And with JW helping Bobby with the fitting, I can actually try to watch the kids in the ring while keeping an eye on the cattle so they don't get dirty.

Yesterday Dallas Burton called. I answered the phone and he hardly got hello out of his mouth before he said, "Now, don't get worried, as soon as Ed and I get a couple of things done here at the sale site, we're going straight over to the jail to get JW out."

I replied, "No, you'd better leave him there for a while, he needs to think over the choices he's made and the consequences he will be paying, a little jail time never hurt anybody." A reply Mr. Burton, the wannabe comedian, didn't expect to come out of my mouth. Trying to get a rise out of me every time he calls I haven't talked to him once without some comment about JW acting like a juvenile delinquent. Monday night, while on the phone with me, he yelled across the sale arena, "JW, put that beer down and get to work!" He really thinks he's funny. What he doesn't know is that JW and Levi are being prayed over daily. Does he honestly think we'd allow these two teenagers to work a sale with a bunch of fitters who act like a bunch of fitters without being completely covered in prayer?

The sale is tonight and then the boys get to enjoy the show tomorrow and Saturday. We've been keeping up on the show by watching it online. It's so much fun to watch and listen while I work around the house, I love hearing the organist play, or is it the accordion? I don't know, anyway, hearing the music and the announcements makes me feel like I'm almost there!

Today I will finish mowing and Luke has a game tonight. Sarah's team won last night, they beat Jackson Christian quite handily!