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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Extras at the table

It's a beautiful morning here on the Knolltop. We're getting summer weather again and I'm not complaining!

I was commenting to Bobby last night during milking that I hadn't left the farm after chores at night for five days in a row! Now that's unusual for me....but very, very nice. Tonight I will break that streak by going to Luke's game. They play a tough team, so it should be a great game.

I'm fixing baked pork for dinner today, I should have a table full. He keeps bringing his football buddies home after school for dinner before they go back to the school for the game. That's fine with me, but the first time he did it without warning and when I saw the extra boys pile out of the van I started scrambling for more food from the fridge! No one went away hungry that day, but today I'm better prepared.

That reminds me of something one of Luke's buddies said. They were talking about an incident at school between a boy and a girl and one of the boys popped off and said, "She's so ugly she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!" Now I know that's not very nice to say about anyone, but it really is funny. Bobby about drove off the road with laughter when he heard that from the back seat.

Well, I've got writing to do and errands to run!


Pryorvu said...

The latest from the "PryorVu":
The garden will be dead after this weekend. Forecast is for 10, yes I said 10 inches of snow. Temps down to +25 or so. Suppose to snow and or rain for 3-4 days. Snow will be great for the Beartooth Mtn to help create an early snow pack for next years water supply. If the snow comes, will have to feed cows and calves. Had to start the coal stoker last night to be sure the house stays above +60. Got a call from nephew #3 to come help his dad milk 'cause he was sick with a bad cold, he sounded terrible. So, I went over and did the final jaring up and did the milk dishes.
I never mind helping out if I'm available. Weekend will be spent canning up the last of the ripe tomatoes. Probably sauce and juice and maybe some salsa. Will let you know next week if we have a weather event.

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