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Friday, November 14, 2008

Baseball season

Good Morning from a warmer Knolltop on the day before opening day of deer season. Yes, that is a big deal here in Michigan, practically a holiday! Celebrate away, just thin out this deer herd so I don't have to be so paranoid when I drive after dark!

This morning when I came in after milking Luke was sitting in the kitchen on the stool waiting. What was he waiting for? His brother, JW. You see these two boys love baseball. They love it so much they are willing to get up early three days a week and go into school to practice. Basketball season hasn't even started yet, but JW is single minded when it comes to baseball. He's a pitcher and Luke is a catcher. This year they will be on the same team again and for this mom, there is nothing more fun than watching these two boys play together.

But what gets me is, on their way to bed I can hear them making plans to get up the next morning and go pitch. They'll be walking up the stairs and JW will say to Luke, set your alarm, we're going in to pitch in the morning, Luke replies with an obedient, OK. When dawn arrives here's Luke waiting for JW to get up. JW finally gets up, goes through his routine of gathering his clothes, drinking two glasses of milk and putting his shoes on all while Luke sits on his bench and waits. This will happen all winter long until baseball season finally arrives. I know they would never admit is out aloud, but those boys have a great relationship that is centered around a brotherly love for each other. And my heart melts every time I witness it.

Okay, enough gushing, time to finish my column!