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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can't mourning

Well, all my liberal friends, family and colleagues are jumping up and down today from yesterday's victorious election. Now the whole world is at the mercy of a bunch of liberals! God help us!

Oh go ahead and send your condescending comments....I really don't care. I'm a republican and I'm not going to cower in the corner defending my beliefs that morals belong in government. Yesterday I found myself timidly explaining why I'm a conservative to a Swede....timid no more! Now I can stand back and criticize every little thing our government does...because in 2009 it will be all the democrats fault! Well, at least we're off the hook now.

That's all I'm going to say...yes, I'm bitter and not getting any better writing this blog. Now that's all I'm going to say.....that's it. No more from me. I'm done.

On the positive side, it is nice to see our country has progressed to electing our first black president. I'm very proud of our people....but it would've been better had he been a republican! Okay, now I'll stop!

I'm going to be on Rural Route today, no doubt talking about this election with my conservative cronies, Kyle Bauer and Trent Loos. I love talking politics with Kyle....he agrees with me.

This morning during milking I had to chase a heifer around the pasture to get her back in her pen. She ran every direction I didn't want her to run. It was obvious she isn't a show heifer by her absolute defiant behavior. But I got her back and fixed the fence....for now.

Better get back to mourning....I've got a lot of it to do!


threecollie said...

Hear, hear! We were so depressed this morning we had to drag ourselves to the barn. Did you notice that unlike the past two elections there is nobody hollering about the election being stolen or anything of the sort....just a graceful concession speech? That is because ours is the party of the grownups!

PryorVu said...

Election from the PryorVu perspective: You said "God help us"! and he will. He is still in control and the new President is just a man. I, too, vote for the Republican, but now Mr Obama is our new President and we have to give him our prayers and our support for which we believe. He is going to need it. He has a big mess to straighten out. Just be thankful we can still go out milk our cows, take care of our families, love our neighbors and continue to go to the church of our choice. We are so blessed in this country, we don't have a lot to complain about as far as our personal lives are concerned.
May God Bless us and the United States of America.

Anonymous said...