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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two firsts!

Good Morning from another cold knolltop. We have a little dusting of snow which fell between 3:30 am and 5 case you wanted to know that.

Last night we had another first in the family. I had to speak at an annual meeting in Ohio and of course I had to leave during chores. I got started milking the cows and about 10 cows into it, Bobby said, "I think I can probably go with you tonight if you still want me to."

I jumped at the chance for him to go and we started facilitating our departure right in the middle of chores. Of course this meant the kids were going to have to take over and with one getting home from basketball practice and another heading into practice it was tricky. But they got it done.

Bobby and I had a very nice time at the dinner and all the cows were milked. I almost felt like normal people who actually get to go together to events even during chore time.

The emcee for the evening was a man who had been in broadcasting for 30 some years and he was a hoot. He spent his time insulting almost everyone in the room, including me and I was a complete stranger to him. But when I finally got a hold of the mic, I made him pay....and boy did I have fun.

Another first for me was having an ambulance arrive during my speech. I was going along, telling a story about Rural Route when all of a sudden several men who happened to be volunteer fire fighters, started to crowd around this elderly lady. Because every eye in the room was on the commotion of the "rescue squad" I finally stopped in the middle of my story and watched too. All eyes were on them and we were waiting to see what happened. The emcee, who happened to be the county dispatcher called 911 and suddenly they carried this little lady out on her chair to the back of the room with her elderly husband following behind. Compelled by a immediate urge to pray and not giving any thought if I would offend anyone, I just asked the crowd to pray with me for this lady.

Trying to recover after that was a trick, but I carried on and got it done. At the end of the night, the news was that they lady just got low on oxygen. She was refusing to go to the hospital, but they took her anyway...kicking and screaming! No, not really.

All in all, it was a fun night...but now I'm paying for staying out past 10 and I don't feel tip top. I think I'll go lay down! Carry on.


Marsha said...

I was told about your speaking engagement last night by someone who was there. You got raved reviews!! Sounds like a great time and you must be a very enjoyable speaker. Just wish I could have been there. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

you reported a chilly 24 yesterday. We had a chilly 26 in the deep south this morning. S B H

threecollie said...

Hope you catch a good nap. How I hate the way I feel after a late night! And how wonderful that you both got to get away on time and at the same time. Most folks take that for granted, but on a farm it is truly a nine day's wonder!

somebody said...