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Friday, November 28, 2008

Traditional Thankgiving

Good Friday after Thanksgiving from the Knolltop!

It was a great thanksgiving for my family. We all gathered at my parents farm and had a wonderful meal prepared mostly by my mom. This picture is at the table, usually I make everyone look and smile, but I decided to let them eat instead.
My sister in law added some yummy rolls and a fruit platter, complete with papaya that tasted really awful, (or so they say, they threw it out before I got there.) I brought a pie and sweet potatoes.

It was the traditional family Thanksgiving with the ladies in the kitchen preparing the meal, the men in the family room watching football and the kids running around the house. The only difference is the kids have gotten bigger and they make more commotion when they run through the kitchen!
I caught my brother and sister in law off guard with this shot...she said she wasn't ready, but I took the picture anyway, we were into natural posing yesterday. I think she's about to give her son a directive...that's what her face says anyway!

We even had one kid climbing the walls. My nephew Adam has learned his daddy's trick from long ago!
Sarah and I posed for the camera, we were supposed to be showing of four tractor earrings...but you really can't see them, can you?
We all ate well and we came home with leftovers.
Today I've got the cleaning I think the kids and I will be working in the house some. Christmas decorations are a must over the weekend, but I feel like I need to clean the house before I decorate.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lissa!
What great pictures of the family Thanksgiving! I loved the one of Rex - I don't think I have seen him since before he was married. Those pictures of your Mom's kitchen brought back great memories of sitting at the table eating wonderful home baked sweets and a glass of milk!

We just returned from our annual Robb holiday! Our numbers are so big that we can't all fit into the house so we all meet at a hotel in GR. At one point we had one table of poker, one table of euchre and one table of Kooty(sp) all going at once! It was just a little loud! We also had a lot of entertainment this year with all the great grandkids running around.
Happy Holidays!

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