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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Owls up close and personal

It's another clear, cold morning here on the Knolltop.

Has anyone ever had an owl in their stable before? The other morning when I was absolutely freezing to death while milking I saw this bird fly through the stable. We have birds come in during the spring and summer, but not in the dead of winter so it kind of took me by surprise. So much so that I stopped what I was doing to follow the bird. It landed on the waterpipe and I moved in closer for a better look. It was a bigger bird and as I got closer I noticed it was an Owl!

I don't see owls up close and personal so this was really cool. I ran into the milk house to get Bobby and by the time we got back out it was gone. I looked all over the barn but couldn't find it. When I noticed the cows with milkers on had their eyes sucked back into the eye sockets, I thought I'd better get back to the job at hand.

I've got a meeting in Lansing today for Michigan Holstein Association, but no games tonight. Last night Luke's team won and Luke had a great game, but JW's team overtime. What a heartbreaker!

Time to head back over to the barn to bed the cows.....later!

Oh, by the way....the other day when I said I was going to do a "Mandy Nunes" and go curl up with a cup of cocoa...I didn't mean that's all she does on cold days on her farm in Wisconsin....she took exception to that comment so I thought I'd better clear that up....she said she wanted to do that....not that she actually did it....Sorry Mandy, didn't mean to make you out to be a couch potato!


Anonymous said...

One summer morning when all of the doors were open in the milking parlor, an owl flew in and sat on the gate at the end of the parlor long enough to get a camera and take some pictures. We like to see owls and hawks come in the barns because it will be a long time before any sparrows or black birds will come in the barn after that.
Francis and Pat

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