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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What do you want?

It's an icy morning here on the Knolltop! So icy the kids don't have school!

Okay....I've got a favor to ask the farmwives who read this blog. I don't care what age or stage of life you're in....whether you used to be a farm wife, you are currently a farm wife, you work full time on the farm, work full time off the farm...whatever. I want to know what you want. If you were to attend a one day conference for women in agriculture, what are the top three things you'd like to hear about? I"m not going to lead you in any way, I want all this to originate with YOU!

So, either email me or comment here on the blog, I want to hear from YOU!!!

Better slip back out to the barn. Two more heifer calves born. One more to go and then we're through with calves for a little bit!


Anonymous said...

I attended a Women's Conference last year and the best session was Identify Theft. I recently took a class on organizing the home office, which was great.Financial Planning for Retirement, Getting More from Your Computer (photos, Quicken etc), most people don't understand Long Term Care Insurance.

threecollie said...

Congrats on the heifers.
My wishes for such a conference would include some talk on how other women and families cope with the inevitable boatloads of stress that farms generate. I think because of the nature of the job we are often are so isolated from others who share our challenges. I am not sure what format would work for such a thing, but....

rolinda said...

I think all of anonymous would be good along with the stress factor.

Maybe some tips for organization (ugh) in general to make lifestyles easier. I'm also a dairy farmer in an area where there are either few others or the wives that are here have off farm jobs & never enter the barn.

My problem is I see conferences reported in farm news AFTER they've been held or too far away.

Anonymous said...