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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They're ganging up!

It's a clear, sunny morning here on the Knolltop....and not to mention cold.

It seems there is a conspiracy to beef up the Michigan Holstein Board of Directors...or so it seems to me. Between the President and Executive secretary of the association and Mooville Creamery, owned and operated by the wonderful Westendorp Family of Nashville, Michigan the MHA board is sure to gain a few extra pounds by the time their board term is up.

The first line of attack was the seasonal favorite, Eggnog. Yes, at the November meeting, Mr. Doug Westendorp came in carrying a cooler full of not only fresh milk from the creamery but wonderfully thick chocolate milk and yes bottles of fresh, creamy, thick eggnog. I went to the cooler and without a thought I picked up a bottle of eggnog and downed it in no time. After enjoying this dairy treat I decided to see what was in it. After further inspection I noticed the caloric content and was astounded when I read that one bottle has 800 calories in it!

No, that is not a typo...I wish it were, especially after I consumed half a days calories in one gulp! My eyes just about fell out of my head and my mouth sprung open...then I remembered I was at a meeting and promptly gathered myself again and pondered whether to have a second bottle or not.

Yesterday was even worse....because it was going to be an extra long meeting, lunch was served. Our wonderful Exc. Sec. brought BBQ sandwiches, the President brought delicious brownies and yep...there on the table sat not only a gallon of white and chocolate milk...but two containers of Mooville ice cream!

Don't worry, I ate a sandwich first...but then I got up and had a helping of brownies ala mode! Oh my was it absolutely yummy! Then about an hour after lunch....I couldn't help myself....before I could stop and get some sort of self control I found myself bellied up to the buffet table again filling a cup full of ice cream pouring a can of Pepsi over it making myself a coke float! Oh it was sooooooo gooooood!

See, I told is a conspiracy....I must have gained 10 pounds from yesterday's meeting! I wonder what Doug will bring next month????