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Friday, January 16, 2009

Too cold for school

Can you say FREEZING? That's the only word that would describe the barn this morning. Well, actually the milk house. The stable was fine....a warm 35 but every hose and pipe in the milk house was frozen. Even with the frozen pipes I was still only 15 minutes late milking! So with a temp of a -15 and a windchill of -25 we only had three frozen water bowls! Now that's a huge praise!

The kids are home from school because it's too cold to teach and learn I guess. I have one question....what do I have to do to get into a union like that?

Last night Bobby, Luke and Jake went to the Hillsdale College game and Sarah, JW and I went to the home girls game because Sarah washelping with a bake sale to raise money for FFA. I really wanted to stay home and snuggle under a blanket, but I also wanted to support Sarah...after all she baked half the stuff they sold and she supplied the ONLY homemade goodies...all the rest was from the store!

While I want to do a "Mandy Nunes" today and curl up with a cup of hot chocolate, I'm destine for other duties. I've got a column to write, cows to bed and then it's lunch with the local funeral home director and his wife.....NO....I have no plans for my funeral (or Bobby's) in the near future, they are just really good friends of ours. Bobby and Tim have breakfast periodically, but today the wives get to horn in on the fun!

Everyone keep moving...that's the only way to keep warm in this weather!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a LOT Melissa -- I said I WANTED to just curl up and drink hot chocolate, I never said that was what I actually DID! Life and chores must go on as you well know. Today was at least -30, but thankfully the wind is not howling.

PryorVu said...

News from the PryorVu:

+54 degrees F here today and for the next week. Isn't even suppose to freeze at night.

Anonymous said...