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Friday, January 9, 2009

Varsity's first win

It's another cold morning....10 degrees right now, but no wind! I guess we're in for some weather over the next 24 hours, but I've heard that before.

Last evening both JW and Luke's teams won their basketball games. They beat Tekonsha and the varsity game went down to the wire. That was their first win of the season...sad but true. The JV's have a much better record, but I don't remember it.

I didn't get my column written yesterday since I had to run some errands and cook a good dinner because it was game day. And yes, I had an extra at my table and he's becoming a regular on game days, which is just fine with me.

JW and Luke went into pitch early this morning, even though we are in the thick of basketball season.....they're ready for baseball at the drop of a hat!

Today should be calmer, but I've still got to get the column done and then write a story on Bill Broadie and the All-American Beef Battalion.

Have a wonderful Friday...and think good thoughts!