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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1500 Holcomb Avenue

Good Morning from the residence of the newly elected President of the Michigan FFA Region 2!

Yes, JW was elected President yesterday and was quite excited about it. He called me on his way home from camp to tell me..that was how excited he was. When they got home, he told me all about the speeches and even recited his....of course he hadn't written it down or anything it was all impromptu...but what I heard was very good. I'm so proud of him!

Luke gave me the run down of who won what...and most importantly, who he has recruited for his 3 on 3 basketball team for next years camp! Of course, that means that all those boys have to be elected as officers in their own FFA chapter in order to be there. I don't think he cares about those details, he just will not lose to a team of girls again!

Jake and I got the lawn mowed and trimmed yesterday. He mowed when he was not riding with Mr. Darvan on the planter. They planted beans yesterday and yes, my garden is all tilled up and ready to plant.

Today I will go to the fairgrounds and teach a bunch of elementary students how pizza comes from dirt. The local NRCS hosts this day and I've been recruited to teach. It will be fun.

Then JW has a game, Sarah and Jake have practice, so Luke and I will hold down the fort and ....oh yeah...milk the cows!