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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Farming gods

It's another warm day here on the Knolltop! I'm still waiting for my garden to be turned over one more time. You see, I have no control over when I plant my garden, that's up to the farming gods. This is a picture of the farming gods in my neighborhood.

There are a few farming gods around here and they determine my planting time every year. They go over the garden plot with their four wheel drive tractors, 100 foot disks and cultivators and then I think it's ready to plant. Just about the time I get done planting seven rows of peas and I run into the house to get the knife to cut the seed potatoes, I hear the roar of another farming god. They run through my garden again....scattering the seeds I just planted. So then I play the waiting game. Will they go over it again? Or not? Are they done doing the headlands? Are they going to spray it with something? Just how many times will they groom my garden plot? They are the farming gods...of course they make it so it's the best groomed garden plot in the neighborhood! So that means at least two or three more times.

Then when the garden is groomed and I feel no more fear of the farming gods....I begin to plant...again. I get the peas in and the potato holes dug and feel like I've really accomplished something. Then I hear it coming again.....the farming gods....they arrive on a four wheeler with a two row corn planter behind. This small god plants eight rows of sweetcorn, right next to the peas...almost on top of my potato holes. When the sweet corn is planted, then I know I've got another year before they show up again. The farming gods go back to their farming heaven filled with big green equipment that never breaks down, that runs on ethanol where they grow $15 beans and $6 corn!


pryorvu said...

Snowed a good two inches of heavy wet at the PryorVu overnight. Doesn't seem like much, but a Godsend just the same. The brown of the ground might take on a ting of green. Need prayers for more down the road in just a few days.

Anonymous said...

And I think I have problems!

Knolltop Farm Wife said...

Linda....tell me your problems...make me feel better!

somebody said...